İstanbul, Türkiye
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RVL International Transportation Foreign Trade Limited Company was established in 2009 in Istanbul, with 11 years of experience in the logistics sector with our management team as an innovative solution-oriented approach RVL Logistics is a young company established to add a breath of new disciplinary structure. Taking our dynamism from our young structure and our perfectionist approach from our experience, our primary goal is to become a solution partner starting from your needs and problems in the logistics sector. In this context, integrated logistics activities in all areas, fully equipped and effective service and all kinds; We have started our activities as a company in which the international land, air and sea transportation services are provided perfectly.

Reliability, quality service and customer satisfaction are the main values ​​that make us as RVL Logistics. In addition, in order to improve our service quality, we expand our product range day by day and consider investing in people as a priority. With our professional staff, we provide the fastest return to customer demands and ensure the timely and safe delivery of your products and orders.


sustain further strengthening brand awareness with our team of experts, Turkey is a strong economic structure and ensure a lasting and 100% confidence in the domestic capital market in the world.


RVL Logistics, which attaches importance to human beings, has been established with the belief that working in a better world and in better working conditions is the right of every individual and the best service is the right of each organization.